Help give our local farmers a boost!

October 2, 2013 in Boulder Events, Community News

The September floods submerged so many farms, which are the backbone of the Front Range’s effervescent restaurant scene. In Boulder County, farmers lost entire crops, and rushing waters tore away precious topsoil. Imagine the heartache: a year’s worth of toil, fields thick with tomatoes and eggplants, lined with kale and spinach, sprouting vines speckled with winter squash and pumpkins — all of it down the drain. Help our local farmers by attending these events!



Oct. 5th and 6th – Check out Cider Days in Lakewood

Oct 8th. – Attend “Provence of Lyons” flood relief benefit at Mateo restaurant in Boulder

Hit the farmers markets. Buy stuff — there’s a good chance your own gardens were wrecked by the waters anyway. You don’t want to miss out on the small window we get every year to haul home stuff straight from the farm.


For more information on events go to the link below:

Fall events in Boulder

October 7, 2011 in Boulder Events, Community News

A chill is in the air but the sun still shines bright in our fun little town.  Here are some fun things going on around here to get you excited about fall!


Events in Downtown Boulder

October 7 – October 20, 2011

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