How to get along with appraisers in the current Real Estate market

May 3, 2011 in Market Info

It is really helpful to know that you can have your listing broker  interface with the appraiser to get a positive outcome. Lenders cannot pick an appraiser, they will be selected by lottery within  the pool of appraisers the lender uses When the appraiser calls to enter the home to appraise, a savvy broker will meet the appraiser at the house with comparable information in hand and in the proper form.

There are certain guidelines and strategies to selecting the comparables that a Realtor would select to present to the appraiser. It is hard enough to get deals to close in this environment so this is one area to take control of.  When interviewing a prospective listing broker, make sure they are aware of the techniques used to have a positive outcome.  You cannot make an appraiser come to value when it is not there but you can spoon feed the information to them to get to value.  Walnut Realty agents have been trained by supervising appraisers to gain this valuable information to help get your home sold. Let us help you get through this difficult part of the transaction.
Tom Kahn