Popular Cities in Colorado for Business Professionals

Colorado is home to a variety of different industries, some with historic roots and others just budd

The Farmers Market is Back!

Now that Spring has Sprung, the Boulder County’s Farmers Market is about to start up again!

West End Improvement Projects

As some of you may have noticed there has been lots of construction going on around Pearl St. A lot


Lets Make 2014 a Great Year!

January 8, 2014 in National Real Estate

Lets make this new year a great one for the books! Are you familiar with the concept of co-housing? Co-housing communities are planned neighborhoods that bring together private home ownership with sustainable living and an enhanced sense of community. The concept originated in Denmark in the 1960′s and has slowly made inroads here in the Unites States and Colorado. Washington Village homes  in Boulder are now available in the co-housing community, if you would like more information please visit http://washington-village.com/washington-village-community.html or contact one of our qualified agents to find out more about this unique opportunity! Looking for a neighborhood close to downtown but with the feeling that you are tucked away in the mountains? Boulder Heights neighborhood is a great location that has the needs and wants of the mountain style feel to the downtown atmosphere, visit this link for more information or contact one of our agents today! http://yourboulder.com/boulder-neighborhood-guide-boulder-heights/ . Last but not least is the January Economic Snapshot for RE/MAX Alliance, provided below is the information of this months snapshot.

Luxury Home Market is Booming!

December 18, 2013 in Boulder Events, Boulder Housing Stats, Colorado News, Community News, Featured Listings, Financial News, National Real Estate, New Listings, Uncategorized

Driven by sales in Boulder, the luxury home market in the Boulder County area is booming! Check out the article below for more information:



America’s Best Small Towns to Live In!

December 11, 2013 in Colorado News, Community News, Market Info, National Real Estate

Louisville, Colorado is ranked second in the nation for America’s best small towns to live in! Check out the link below to see the full list with many other small Colorado towns!





Prepping For The Ski Season!

December 4, 2013 in Boulder Events, Colorado News, Community News, Our Outdoor Playground, Uncategorized

Well, the snow is here and its about time to start going up to the mountains on your days off, but like every year we hope that we get through season without any injuries. Go check out the link below for the top five prep training and tools that you should do to keep yourself healthy and fit during this ski season!


Colorado schools do great in Americas Top High School Rankings

November 20, 2013 in Boulder Events, Colorado News, Community News

Fairview High School ranked 98th in Americas Best High Schools, plus many other Colorado schools make the list! Go check them out at this website linked below :





October 2013 Real Estate Market Stats

November 18, 2013 in Boulder Housing Stats, Financial News, Market Info

“Last month was the best October on record for Denver-area home sales and housing prices according to reports released. The numbers continue to show that Colorado is growing and flourishing. Our state has become a top market in the United States for many commercial, residential and building projects.”  - Dori Van Lone, Land Title Guarantee Company


2013 Is Already Boulders Ninth Snowiest Year On Record!

November 13, 2013 in National Real Estate

Already this year Boulder is recorded ninth on the list for most snow in year in Colorado! We still have a November and December to let the snow Gods help us break this record so we can have an amazing ski season!




Top 100 Best Places to Work in 2013

November 6, 2013 in National Real Estate

Many work places that are out of Boulder, Co and surrounding towns in Colorado were names best places to work. such an awesome town and state that we get to call home


Economic Snapshot – A Look at the Current Real Estate Market, November

November 4, 2013 in National Real Estate




In January of 2012, the real estate landscape across the Denver Metro, Northern Colorado, and Boulder Valley began to change. Like an enormous grizzly bear awakened from a six year slumber, real estate once again forged its way into the conscious awareness of home buyers and sellers. Words like scarcity and demand became part of the everyday jargon when people texted each other at work or mingled at a neighborhood party.

Fostered in 2012 my historic low mortgage interest rates, the real estate market shifted into high gear with the resale market and new home construction attempting to keep pace with pent-up demand. Multiple offers became somewhat of the norm and homes were going under contract before For Sale signs could be planted in yards. Some market areas and price ranges sold better than others, but overall it was a wellspring of activity.

The first quarter of 2013 began with great promise as the Boulder County real estate market continued to thrive. Single family home sales were up 16.69% when compared to the first quarter of 2012. Attached unit sales were up 23.03% for the same time periods. But then, home mortgage interest rates, those little devils that play havoc with our finances, just had to get involved. They couldn’t reside quietly on the sidelines for, say, another decade and let us get our net worth numbers back to where they were around 2005. The traditional thirty-year fixed rate loan inched up from the mid-3% range to the mid-4% range and settled there. It wasn’t a giant leap, but it did cause some buyers to pause and consider their options.

The impact was somewhat noticeable as sales slowed, but still held their own against 2012 sales figures. New inventory that was selling at foundation often became spec inventory as borderline buyers couldn’t qualify. The real estate market had quietly retreated toward a more balanced market. Buyers could take a little more time to make a decision and sellers needed to be more aware of market conditions from a pricing perspective. Lenders continued to be prudent of a buyer’s ability to qualify and appraisers became a transaction’s best friend when the appraisal met or exceeded the contract price – with no conditions.

As we roll into the balance of the year, it has still been a good year for the Boulder County real estate market. Single family homes are selling at a pace above 2012 figures (up 8.94% through October/2013 versus October/2012). We’re still a ways away from the sales numbers posted in 2005, when the market peaked, but there are some things to be thankful for in this rejuvenated real estate market.

First, home values have increased with some price ranges and market areas having surpassed 2005 values. Second, bank foreclosures and short sales don’t dominate the market like they did from 2006 to 2011. Don’t you wish we’d all purchased a house or two back then at the deflated prices? Third, there’s a renewed enthusiasm in the real estate market. Sellers are able to sell without taking it in the proverbial shorts. Buyers are able to buy without feeling they are on a real estate juggernaut potentially headed for a deep and dark canyon.

Life moves on and so does real estate. There will be good times and not so good times on the horizon for both, but overall the Boulder Valley is a great place to call home!

Happy Halloween! :)

October 31, 2013 in National Real Estate

 Happy Halloween! From your friends at RE/MAX Alliance on Walnut :)