Boulder Home Values

June 3, 2011 in Boulder Housing Stats, Colorado News, Financial News

Boulder Home ValuesPosted on June 1, 2011 by Leanne Goff

In the past I have presented monthly sales stats for cities in North Metro Denver and Boulder. Today I thought we could twist it up and take a closer look. In order to illuminate the information I’ve been gathering the data into graphs. As you can see, data has been collected for almost every month since November of 2007, when I started working in Boulder. If there is a month or two missed, please excuse me. This is life and sometimes it gets in the way of my data collection

Being that Boulder is my home base I thought it would be a good place to start. The two graphs below represent overall sales in Boulder. These are a representation of the average sales price and the median sales price. Note that the average sales price can become skewed if there is an outlier pulling it one direction or another. In Boulder we often see the average sale price jump up based on a high end, jumbo sale that month. In this situation we often look to the median sales price. Just a quick math refresher:

me·di·an: adjective /ˈmēdēən/

  • Denoting the middle term of a series arranged in order of magnitude, or (if there is no middle term) the average of the middle two terms. For example, the median number of the series 55, 62, 76, 85, 93 is 76

Overall based on the graphs below you can see that property value in Boulder has not tanked, but rather held strong. Contrary to what we hear on the news, property values in Boulder have basically held their value. There has been a slip, but not by much when considering what we have heard about what has happened in other states like Florida and Arizona. Another interesting thing to note is that attached homes in Boulder (condos, townhomes, flats, duplexes, etc) have an average sales price between $200,000-$300,000 dollars! I think most people are under the impression that home ownership in Boulder is unachievable because there is so much high end property (and there is!) but there are opportunities for everyone depending on how you skin the cat.

Boulder - Single Family Home Values

Boulder Attached Home ValuesThe information attached is based on data collected from IRES, the Boulder and North Metro Denver MLS database. It is deemed to be reliable but is not guaranteed.

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