Why Now Is The Time To Sell

February 12, 2014 in National Real Estate

The real estate industry is all abuzz about how “now”, 2014, is the time to buy or sell a home. Statistically the market is on the rise and forecasters predict that in a few years time the housing market will once again be booming nationally.  Although that is true, the market is changing, and a boom doesn’t necessarily mean an easier buying or selling experience. Having said that, real estate market analysts and local experts, especially those in areas where real estate is already hot, say if you have been on the fence or have a distinct reason to move, that “now” or more rather over the next year, may actually be the best time to sell.  And, here’s why…

For the Seller -

1. Your home may be more valuable than you think in 2014.  Home values over the next spring and summer are expected to resume levels in comparison to that of August 2004 during the last peak of real estate.


For the Buyer -

1. Interest rates remain very low compared the historical statistics.  With the prediction of a rebounding market, so also are expectations of increasing mortgage rates over the next few years.


For more information on why now this is the time to sell/buy follow this link.