Lets Make 2014 a Great Year!

January 8, 2014 in National Real Estate

Lets make this new year a great one for the books! Are you familiar with the concept of co-housing? Co-housing communities are planned neighborhoods that bring together private home ownership with sustainable living and an enhanced sense of community. The concept originated in Denmark in the 1960′s and has slowly made inroads here in the Unites States and Colorado. Washington Village homes  in Boulder are now available in the co-housing community, if you would like more information please visit http://washington-village.com/washington-village-community.html or contact one of our qualified agents to find out more about this unique opportunity! Looking for a neighborhood close to downtown but with the feeling that you are tucked away in the mountains? Boulder Heights neighborhood is a great location that has the needs and wants of the mountain style feel to the downtown atmosphere, visit this link for more information or contact one of our agents today! http://yourboulder.com/boulder-neighborhood-guide-boulder-heights/ . Last but not least is the January Economic Snapshot for RE/MAX Alliance, provided below is the information of this months snapshot.