12 Reasons Colorado is the Best State

February 19, 2014 in National Real Estate

If Colorado doesn’t top your list already then read on because you are likely unaware of the many benefits and amenities that Colorado provides. So what are the benefits of living in Colorado? Perform an internet search with the phrases “best states to…” or “best states for…” and you will be presented with a plethora of lists, ranking states in everything from happiness to business. And it should come as no surprise to those of us who currently reside here, that Colorado frequently appears among the top 10 in the “best states to & for” lists.

12 Reasons Colorado is the Best State: 

1.  Our Mountains Aren’t Messing Around

2.  It’s an Outdoorsmen’s Paradise

3. Beauty in All Seasons

4. Denver is One Heck of a City

5. The Birthplace of Chipotle

6.  Casa Bonita Exists and it’s Just as Terrible and Wonderful as You Imagine it.

7. The Wildlife in Colorado is Abundant

8. The State has an Incredibly Diverse Landscape

9.  Sun! Sun! Sun!

10. We Know Our Beer

11.  A Geologist’s and Gem Hunter’s Playground

12. The People 


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Why Now Is The Time To Sell

February 12, 2014 in National Real Estate

The real estate industry is all abuzz about how “now”, 2014, is the time to buy or sell a home. Statistically the market is on the rise and forecasters predict that in a few years time the housing market will once again be booming nationally.  Although that is true, the market is changing, and a boom doesn’t necessarily mean an easier buying or selling experience. Having said that, real estate market analysts and local experts, especially those in areas where real estate is already hot, say if you have been on the fence or have a distinct reason to move, that “now” or more rather over the next year, may actually be the best time to sell.  And, here’s why…

For the Seller -

1. Your home may be more valuable than you think in 2014.  Home values over the next spring and summer are expected to resume levels in comparison to that of August 2004 during the last peak of real estate.


For the Buyer -

1. Interest rates remain very low compared the historical statistics.  With the prediction of a rebounding market, so also are expectations of increasing mortgage rates over the next few years.


For more information on why now this is the time to sell/buy follow this link.

Major downtown Boulder projects to start this spring!

February 5, 2014 in Boulder Events, Colorado News, Community News

The PearlWest redevelopment of the former Daily Camera building in Boulder — one of the largest such projects to occur downtown in recent history — could begin this spring, officials for the nonprofit Downtown Boulder Inc. said Tuesday. Below are the proposed projects, for more info on expansion and projects in the downtown area click here.

The proposed projects noted by Maher included:

1738 Pearl St. — a three-level addition to the property that houses Frasca Food & Wine.

1301 Walnut St. — a 62,000-square-foot infill project at the site of the existing Wencel Building.

1707 Walnut St. — a three-story infill redevelopment of the former 7-Eleven site to include 26 apartments and below-grade parking. Targeted completion date of December 2014.

901 Pearl St. — a 21,000-square-foot, three-story development with four condos and a ground-floor restaurant.

909 Walnut St. — a three-story, mixed-use building.

1048 Pearl St. and 1023 Walnut St. — PearlWest, a 160,000-square-foot redevelopment to include offices, retail and restaurant uses, a theater and an automated parking garage. Work to start in May, with completion in the fourth quarter of 2015.

1750 14th St. — The James Concept, a 64,400-square-foot redevelopment to include commercial and micro-office uses, 43 residential units and “micro-lofts” at the James TravelPoints building. Project expected to start in October and be completed by October 2015.

2049 Pearl St. — 21 Pearl, a project to include five pre-sold townhomes with rooftop decks. Construction to start in May, with a delivery of January 2015.

601 Canyon Blvd. — Four pre-sold townhomes. Project to be completed this May.

22nd and Walnut St. — Dwell 22, a four-townhome project. Construction to start in April.

2200 Broadway — Trinity Lutheran Church expansion and addition of 16 affordable senior housing units. Timing is to be determined.

900 Walnut St. — The “civic use pad” adjacent to the St. Julien Hotel & Spa, an 8,000-square-foot community and event space with hotel rooms above.