Luxury Home Market is Booming!

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Driven by sales in Boulder, the luxury home market in the Boulder County area is booming! Check out the article below for more information:


October 2013 Real Estate Market Stats

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“Last month was the best October on record for Denver-area home sales and housing prices according to reports released. The numbers continue to show that Colorado is growing and flourishing. Our state has become a top market in the United States for many commercial, residential and building projects.”  - Dori Van Lone, Land Title Guarantee Company


Residental Statistics for July 2012

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October Housing stats

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August Housing stats

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July housing stats

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An update from Dunbar Hardy on the Boulder Market

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Overview – Happy Summer! I hope you are doing well and I will attempt to answer the recurring question, “how’s the market doing?” In an attempt to have an accurate perspective of current market trends from the 2nd Quarter of 2011, I have put together the last  3 years of 2nd quarter sales statistics to see how we really are doing right now throughout all Boulder County communities. Again, it is worth noting that throughout 2010 there was a Federal Tax Credit for 1st-time Homebuyers which drove a significant portion of transactions last year. So in a sense 2011 sales figures are not all affected by a Federal Tax Credit and the government, so we have a return to “normal” market conditions. In summary, things are indeed selling and values are largely holding overall (other than in the Mountains), but they are just taking longer to get to the closing table.


Avg Inventory

Avg Inventory – We have seen steady high levels of inventory in Boulder single family homes & condos/townhomes, as well as Longmont single family homes over the 2nd quarter of the last 2 years. So in summary, there truly has been more on the market for sale and the amount of inventory will take awhile to be absorbed, which truly makes these specific areas a “buyer’s market.” We can also anticipate a decrease in inventory as we go into the 3rd quarter as some of this inventory will be purchased, others will come off market (Withdrawn), but mainly the peak sales season will be behind us going into Fall.
Days to Contract
Days to Contract – At the completion of the 2nd quarter of 2011 we have had a noticeable increase in Average Days to Contract on Boulder single family homes. Yes, Boulder houses are selling, but they are taking longer – Averaging ~90 Days of Market up from ~60 Days on Market 2nd quarter of 2010. Noticeable is also a steady trend line of Boulder condos/townhomes taking ~120 Days on Market. There have also been increases of Days on Market in 2nd Quarter 2011 vs. 2010 specifically in Broomfield (homes & condos), Lafayette (homes), Longmont (homes & condos), Louisville (homes), Superior (homes), and Mountain (homes). Nothing is really selling “fast” in Boulder County!

Median Sold Price
Median Sold Price – There is a consistent median value of Boulder homes over the 2nd quarter of the last 3 years running (~$550,000), also with noticeable increases in median values of Boulder condos, Lafayette homes, Superior condos, and Plains homes & condos. There is a very noticeable decrease in median values of Mountain homes, as well as “softening” of Superior home prices, Erie and Lafayette condo properties.
Avg Sold Price
Avg Sold Price – There is also a fairly consistent trend of Average Sold Prices for Boulder homes (~$650,000) and a slight increase in Boulder condos (~$325,000). We are also seeing some large properties out on the Plains sell with Average Sold Prices holding ~$600,000. Most communities have remained fairly consistent over this time period, however there are noticeable decreases in average sold prices of Mountain homes, Erie condos, Lafayette condos, and Louisville condos.
Quantity of Homes Sold
Quantity of Homes Sold – At the completion of the 2nd quarter of 2011, we have seen steady sales occur in Boulder (~225), Broomfield and Superior homes, but noticeable decreases in sales of Boulder condos (~160) compared to 2010 (tax credit influenced?) and Longmont homes & condos. We can anticipate further steady sales going into the 3rd quarter, as 2nd & 3rd quarter see the majority of sales activity when compared to the rest of the year. Properties are indeed selling and values are largely holding steady other than Mountain properties primarily.
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Boulder Home Values

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Boulder Home ValuesPosted on June 1, 2011 by Leanne Goff

In the past I have presented monthly sales stats for cities in North Metro Denver and Boulder. Today I thought we could twist it up and take a closer look. In order to illuminate the information I’ve been gathering the data into graphs. As you can see, data has been collected for almost every month since November of 2007, when I started working in Boulder. If there is a month or two missed, please excuse me. This is life and sometimes it gets in the way of my data collection

Being that Boulder is my home base I thought it would be a good place to start. The two graphs below represent overall sales in Boulder. These are a representation of the average sales price and the median sales price. Note that the average sales price can become skewed if there is an outlier pulling it one direction or another. In Boulder we often see the average sale price jump up based on a high end, jumbo sale that month. In this situation we often look to the median sales price. Just a quick math refresher:

me·di·an: adjective /ˈmēdēən/

  • Denoting the middle term of a series arranged in order of magnitude, or (if there is no middle term) the average of the middle two terms. For example, the median number of the series 55, 62, 76, 85, 93 is 76

Overall based on the graphs below you can see that property value in Boulder has not tanked, but rather held strong. Contrary to what we hear on the news, property values in Boulder have basically held their value. There has been a slip, but not by much when considering what we have heard about what has happened in other states like Florida and Arizona. Another interesting thing to note is that attached homes in Boulder (condos, townhomes, flats, duplexes, etc) have an average sales price between $200,000-$300,000 dollars! I think most people are under the impression that home ownership in Boulder is unachievable because there is so much high end property (and there is!) but there are opportunities for everyone depending on how you skin the cat.

Boulder - Single Family Home Values

Boulder Attached Home ValuesThe information attached is based on data collected from IRES, the Boulder and North Metro Denver MLS database. It is deemed to be reliable but is not guaranteed.

For other info go to:

Thanks Leanne Goff!


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Here we are going into the “busy season” of Spring & Summer with an anticipated increase in inventory and of successful transactions in the 2nd & 3rd quarters. Before the “busy-ness” of Spring/Summer overtakes us, I just received the 1st Quarter Sales Statistics of Boulder County and these are worth reviewing to see how exactly 2011 is shaping up in comparison to the 1st Quarter of 2010.

Quantity of Homes Sold (1st Q 2011 vs. 2011)

 Most areas of Boulder County saw less sales overall, with the most significant drop-off in Boulder itself in both single family homes & condos/townhomes. A few increased number of sales occurred in Louisville single family homes and all types of properties on the Plains.

Average Sold Price (1st Q 2011 vs. 2010)

 Sales Prices overall were relatively stable with increases in single family homes in Boulder, Lafayette, Superior, and the Plains. There were very nominal increases in condo/townhomes sales only in Longmont and Louisville.

Median Sold Price (1st Q 2011 vs. 2010)
The median pricing of 1st quarter sales for single family homes stayed fairly consistent, with increases only in Superior and the Plains. Condos/townhomes saw increases in median pricing in Broomfield, Louisville and Superior.

Average Days to Contract (1st Q 2011 vs. 2010)

1st quarter is typically a slow time of year, however there was a decrease in the days on market-to-contract for single family homes in Boulder, Erie and Longmont. Condos/Townhomes saw a notable decrease in days-to-contract in Boulder, Louisville and Superior.


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The New Year is off and running and we now have 2 months of Boulder County sales data to look over and analyze in attempting to answer the question how’s the market doing?”

Average Inventory

(2/11 vs. 2/10)There were overall fewer properties on the market (both single family & condos/townhomes) throughout the County in all locations with only a slight increase in Boulder & Broomfield condos/townhomes. We will undoubtedly see inventory increase throughout all locations as we got into March & April.

Average Days to Contract

(2/11 vs. 2/10)Overall the days to contract decreased for homes in Boulder, while increasing in most other locations in the county. Condos/townhomes sat on the market longer other than in Louisville & Superior units. Remember days on market been broken down further even to the specific neighborhood to more accurately determine.

Quantity of Homes Sold

(2/11 vs. 2/10)So far the trend line shows that largely throughout the county fewer homes sold other than in Louisville. With condos/townhomes, Broomfield & Erie saw increases in sales, while everywhere else was equal or less than Feb. 2010. Again, this is fairly typical as we see sales increases as we go into the 2nd & 3rd quarters of the year.

Average Sold Prices

(2/11 vs. 2/10)Boulder saw increases in both single family and condo/townhomes sold values. There were also nominal gains in the median sold prices in Longmont & Superior in both single family homes & condos/townhomes as well. Even with slightly decreased sold prices in other locations it is encouraging because there is not a dramatic drop-off in values.

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